About ProMED-mail

How to Report/Comment on Outbreaks
To submit a posting for any of the ProMED-mail conferences, send it by e-mail to:
promed@promedmail.org (NOT to one of the moderators).

***In order to help all our readers evaluate the posts better, please give your full name, affiliation and country at the end of your post.***

NO UNIDENTIFIED POSTS WILL BE ACCEPTED, but identification will be withheld if requested.

If you have no current affiliation to an institution or company, please write either:
  • Health professional
  • Non-health professional
  • Student or
  • Interested lay person
as appropriate.

The country name is needed because some country email domain names are not obvious, and some people are in countries different from their mailing address.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ATTACHED FILES. Our server is unable to accept attachments.