ISID/ESCMID Fellowships
The ISID and the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases  (ESCMID) are co-sponsoring the ISID/ESCMID Fellowship Program to enable two Fellows per year to perform multidisciplinary clinical and laboratory training abroad. This particular fellowship is intended for applicants from low- and middle-income countries outside Europe, wishing to come to Europe for their fellowship.

Established in 2010, the aim of this fellowship is to promote collaboration among researchers in different countries by enabling infectious disease researchers in the formative stage of their career to extend their research experience in institutions outside of their region.  Young colleagues are invited to learn from experienced specialists and to take home new ideas and processes that help them improve their clinical or laboratory practice.  Proposals that enhance the transfer of technologies to geographical areas where they are particularly needed will be favored.

Applicants are to be junior investigators (younger than 40 years) who are from under-resourced countires who will benefit from the opportunity to work or to study outside their country.

Proposals will be reviewed by members of the ISID Professional Development Working Group and decisions made in collaboration with the ISID and ESCMID Program Directors. Funding will be provided for up to 3 months and up to US$7,500.

Upon completion of the project, a written report of the project must be submitted. Fellowship recipients are encouraged to present their results at scientific meetings and to submit them for publication in peer-reviewed journals, including but not limited to the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.
Up to two fellowships will be awarded each year. The annual deadline is April 1, and applicants will be notified after June 1.

Applications should be made through our on-line submisson system.

Application requirements include:
* Research plan - 5 pages including background, methods, limitiations and references
* Applicant CV
* Letter of reference from applicant's institution
* Letter of invitation/reference from host institution
* CV of mentor/host from host institution
* Budget details

Questions should be directed to:

ISID Program Coordinator